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The Prestige Events System

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Welcome to Quadrant2Design, home of the Swiss-designed Prestige Events System.

Prestige was created in the early 1980's by Swiss inventor and businessman Peter Petersen. Peter based his new creation on the expanding frame technology used in other solutions, but made Prestige beautifully engineered, rock-solid stable and crucially, modular, scalable and reusable in nature.

As befits all Swiss design, Peter's Prestige System was technically perfect and carefully thought-through in comparison with other exhibiting solutions, as it still is to this day.

Quadrant2Design got involved with Prestige in 2003 and now we're enormously proud, to be the exclusive designers, builders and providers of this amazing exhibition stand system. We build hundreds of Prestige stands every year for clients such as The Bank of England, Olympus and Mercedes Benz, through to many lesser-known but equally valued corporate and SME customers.

We enjoy a near-100% client satisfaction rating, as evidenced in hundreds of exhibition stand reviews seen on this website.

All of our Prestige clients enjoy the custom-looks and enormous graphic impact of their stands, plus the commercial benefits of working with a contemporary modular, reusable and scalable exhibiting solution that's simply second to none.

Custom-designed exhibition stand

Prestige breaks the dichotomy between 'custom-designed' and 'modular exhibition stands. Every Prestige stand is a different shape and configuration, featuring bespoke-designed photographic-quality graphics, beautiful product showcasing, high level branding, reception counters and integrated digital flat-screen presentations.

Modular solution

Prestige has been designed to be the ultimate modular exhibiting system, with graphics and hardware being easily re-designed and re-configured to fit different stand space at different shows. We help with free on-going CAD design support, re-designing your stand for different shows. To learn more please see Prestige modular solutions

Scalable solution

Modularity feeds into scalability. Prestige exhibitors can scale-up or scale-down to fit different exhibition space, and can be used with small shell-scheme booths, up to much larger space-only sites, all the while retaining a consistent corporate look.

Reusable solution

Modularity and scalability equals reusability, ending the shocking waste of materials and resources normally associated with 'one-off use, custom designed stands. Our mission is to assist you in maximising the value in reusing your stand, helping with free storage between shows and free CAD re-designs for future (different) stand space. 

Sustainable solution

And of course once you add together the benefits of modularity, scalability and reusability, you begin to understand that Prestige is probably the most sustainable exhibiting solution you will find.

Quick easy builds

Another great benefit associated with the Prestige Events System is the ease of build and quickness of build. Stands comprise of beautifully engineered, light but strong, expandable frames. These frames quickly form metres of curved or flat graphic walling. To learn more see Prestige easy-build stands

Safer builds minimising health & safety risk

Incredibly, no tools are used to build Prestige exhibition stands, making this the safest exhibiting solution. Quadrant2Design is also 100% CDM compliant and holds CHAS accreditation.

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