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Welcome to Quadrant2Design.

We're exhibition stand designers who create beautiful stands in our exclusive Swiss-designed Prestige Events System.

Prestige is modular and scalable, so you'll gain immensely from your stand being reusable over your future events. And with typical costs ranging from £3,000 to £11,000 for small to medium stands, your Prestige stand will make commercial sense.

You can choose to easily self-build with our training and support, or we can install and dismantle for you, anywhere in the World at a realistic cost.

And whichever build option you choose; you'll benefit from better installations, cheaper transport and the advantages of using the World's most advanced modular exhibition solution.

With thousands of successful projects to our name and all services in-house, Quadrant2Design can offer you the reassurance of working with the professionals!   Please see customer reviews

So if you're looking for a real alternative to 'ordinary' exhibition stands, please contact us for a free design proposal. It won't cost you a penny and you'll be amazed at the results!

prestige exhibition stands
exhibition stand for HK Wentworth in Munich

The Prestige Events System offers overseas exhibitors some important benefits: lower transport costs, more efficient builds as well as an impressive 'custom-designed' look.

With our Prestige Events System we create custom-designed exhibition stands that have all the benefits of a flexible, scalable, modular system.

exhibition stand for perfection plus

Prestige enables stand designers to use strong colour themes without affecting the overall
cost of the exhibition project.

exhibition stand for Garrett Popcorn

Garrett Popcorn made great use of the systems unique ability to combine strong branding
and a distinctive theme with stunning showcase displays.

exhibition display at ICE show

Malta based Portomaso Gaming base all their UK exhibition programme on
Quadrant2Design's free hire plan.

modular display for Rycote

Rycote were attracted to Prestige as the best way of showcasing their technical products
within a carefully branded exhibition environment.

exhibition stand designer in Poole

This is a custom designed concept for Tresor Paris based on a 'Parisiene Shopping Scene'. The Prestige Events System is ideal for creating these retail orientated exhibition environments.

exhibition stand designers in uk

Nespresso use Prestige for various experiential projects: exhibition stands, press events,
mobile marketing and retail showroom displays.

exhibition stands

Nespresso can reconfigure their Prestige kit to form differently designed displays.

exhibition designs in modular system

The modular, reconfigurable nature of the Prestige Events System allows the Nespresso
marketing team to exhibit anywhere they choose, at a moments notice.

Bournemouth exhibition stand design

Prestige allows client Yonka to create sleek looking custom exhibition stands that
effortlessly combine impressive branding, showcase displays and digital presentations.

stand designer in Dorset

Quadrant2Design are the sole UK suppliers of the Prestige Events System; and we supply
the solution as a self build exhibition stand or on 'free-hire' & professional build.

free exhibition designers

Prestige stands are unique in that the graphics convey a completely panoramic look;
with seamless integration of showcases, digital screens and I.T.

creative exhibition stand designers

Prestige is an exhibition system that crosses over into retail display. Products can be displayed
to great effect, and seamlessly integrate with digital screens, branding and lifestyle imagery.

exhibition stand designers in uk

Mobile marketing teams use Prestige as a high-impact field marketing or field
sampling display unit.

Linx modular exhibition stand designs

Impressive conference sets or conference 'break-out' displays are easy with the Prestige
Events System. These displays are easy to setup and convey a custom look.

Alfa Display, Fordingbridge

Brands like Nokia trust Prestige as a multi-purpose experiential solution, ideal across
the entire spectrum of 'face-to-face' events.

Linx modular exhibition stands Fordingbridge

Nokia use Prestige as a self build marketing system that gives them a consistent look over
all their events: exhibition stands, mobile marketing, conference and press events.

Alfa design and display exhibition stands

Because Nokia can reconfigure and self install Prestige at different events, the system offers
the marketing team enormous flexibility and freedom.

exhibition designs I can build

Because Prestige can be built so quickly and offers such an impressive 'custom-built'
look, the solution is ideal for high-value product launch and press events.

exhibition design that are modular uk

Impressive Product Launch Sets can now be quickly self built by a marketing team,
without tools or special knowledge.

modular exhibition designs

Prestige offers the smaller exhibitor an exhibition stand that's easy to transport and self-setup,
that is modular and reconfigurable, but conveys a sleek custom look.

free exhibition visuals

Prestige is perfect for pop up retail projects, quickly transforming shabby shop space
into sleek, colourful, branded shopping environments.

Although often used for large exhibition stands, Prestige is also ideal for small to medium
exhibition stand space.

Prestige offers a bespoke designed stand, but with all the benefits of a
modular exhibition stand system.

Quadrant2Design are exhibition stand designers based in Poole (near Bournemouth)
in Dorset, on the South Coast of the UK.

Prestige exhibition stands are lightweight and modular.

One of the most interesting aspects of Prestige are the illuminated showcases, which are ideal for displaying product within a graphic display, shown to great effect here with out client Urns UK.

Savvis use Prestige stands in a variety of different stand space.

Target Tracker use Prestige on Quadrant2Design's unique 'free-hire' plan.

Getting your free stand design in 4 easy steps

Step 1. Email with a few details.

Step 2. Tell us about any ideas or preferences you may have for your stand.

Step 3. Relax while our designers work on your unique Prestige stand design!

Step  4. We send you a link to a private web page showing your exclusive designs.

Please note:

  • Our designs are supplied completely free and without obligation.
  • You speak directly to our design team (not salespeople).
  • Please tell us about your future exhibiting so we can design a solution
    that will reconfigure for all your stand space.

Chloe talks about your exclusive design...

Why you should consider working with us ...

  • Quadrant2Design are independent stand-building contractors with a 14 year
    record that includes thousands of successful projects. See About Us and our
    Un-Edited Client Reviews.
  • We're exhibition stand designers with a complete 'in-house' capability
    that includes CAD and graphic design, graphics production, stand manufacture,
    professional project management and Worldwide installations.

  • We have the strongest quality control in the industry, including our unique
    '100% Pre-Build' of every single exhibition stand we produce.
  • We offer our exhibition stands on a unique 'Free-Hire' plan or as 'Self-Build'
    projects, both of which are extremely cost-effective.
  • Our Prestige exhibition stands have panoramic, seamless-effect graphics with
    none of the ugly metal poles and beams seen on other modular solutions.
  • Prestige stands allow you to re-design & re-configure for different space,
    saving you money on your future exhibiting.

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