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Welcome to Quadrant2Design

Home of the Prestige Events System

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and allowing me to explain about Quadrant2Design, and our exclusive, Swiss-designed Prestige Events System.

My name is Alan Jenkins, and I founded Quadrant2Design, sixteen years ago.

We love what we do. Which is creating exciting, imaginative exhibition stands for people like you.

And we know that we can offer you, in the Prestige Events System, the best exhibition stand solution you'll find anywhere.

Some key benefits include:

  • Custom-designed stands that look unique, with floor-to-ceiling graphics, and with no visible seams or structure.
  • The quickest, easiest and safest builds – without tools.
  • Maximum reconfigurability and reusability – the ability to fit all your future stand space at reduced cost.
  • Our '100% Pre-Build Promise' - eliminating issues and problems weeks before the 'real' build.
  • Unique Photo-Flooring which highlights your stand space in a unique and exclusive way.
  • The support of people who are as excited about your exhibition stand as you are.

All of our exhibition stands are custom designed, to suit our client's exact needs, on a no-obligation, no-cost basis.

So please can we show you some unique designs, in the Prestige Events System, for your next event or exhibition stand?

Call me on 0044 (0)1202 723 500 or email me on designteam@quadrant2design.com

(and please remember design proposals are free and without obligation)

Thank you again for your visit and I hope we can talk soon.


Alan Jenkins
Managing Director
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