Date of post: 13th October 2015
Fine Perfumery

Fine Perfumery contacted Quadrant2Design in need of a beautiful, and usable exhibition stand, which incorporated plenty of storage and display showcases for their array of products, which they would be exhibiting at a variety of different shows across Europe.

Quadrant2Design was able to offer a Prestige Event System, which would provide all of the much-needed storage and display space, while still being a beautiful stand. On top of this, the Prestige System would allow the company to make no compromises. Due to the modular design of the Stand, it would allow the company to easily transport and reconfigure their stand for the multitude of shows that they planned to exhibit at over time.

The final result is extremely close to the initial design created by Quadrant2Design’s in-house CAD design team. With display showcases on every fascia, the stand has a ‘pop-up shop’ feel and is able to present a huge selection of perfumes and products. The crisp, white seamless effect graphics delicately incorporate Fine Perfumery’s signature deep, red in the logo, as well as within the fine details of the rest of the stand, including the curtain to the storage area, the front ‘reception desk’, and the circular podiums which flank either side of the exhibition space.

The Stand has proven to be extremely popular, and has been reconfigured for a variety of exhibitions, and different exhibition spaces, throughout Europe.


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