Why is it Important for My Business to Exhibit at Trade Shows?

Date of post: 17th May 2017 Posted in: Exhibiting Tips
Why is it Important for My Business to Exhibit at Trade Shows?

As the UK’s leading exhibition specialists, we’ve been helping companies like yours excel at trade shows since 1999.

Trade shows provide many exclusive benefits, but here we’ve highlighted six core reasons why you should be using them to grow your business in 2017.

1. Connect with Your Ideal Customers Face-to-Face

Trade shows are unique in that they attract a highly-targeted audience; a group of dedicated (and in many cases, passionate!) individuals, who will be using the event to fulfil a primary purpose.

Most attendees will spend several hours travelling to and from each show. This level of commitment makes prospects highly receptive to your approach and invested in achieving their goals.

Whether you sell B2B or B2C, there’s no better way to build rapport with existing and potential customers than face-to-face.

2. Boost Brand Awareness

The average person is exposed to hundreds of advertising messages daily - this means we have become ‘ad blind’; screening out all but the most compelling of communications.

However, an exhibition is an entirely different proposition altogether. Your visitors will be in engagement mode; actively seeking out solutions that will enhance their prosperity, or make their lives easier, or more fun.

As an exhibitor, you will need to convey your core messages with clarity whilst avoiding hype or over-exaggerated claims. Above all, you’ll need to be memorable for all the right reasons.

3. Launch New Products & Services

Your next event is the perfect place to unveil your latest products or services before an accessible audience of potential buyers.

Getting the media on board early is a must if you are to make the most of every opportunity.

A press release or customised invitations are a good way to attract attention for your upcoming launch.

Don’t forget influential bloggers in your sector also carry a lot of weight, so don’t forget to include them in your media list.

4. Gain Leads and Sell

Trade shows provide a powerful platform for generating leads and making sales, but it’s easy to underestimate the number of times businesses need to follow-up with potential prospects.

Sunday Times bestselling author and award-winning entrepreneur, Nigel Botterill, adds:

“Lots of businesses never follow up with prospects after an exhibition or any kind of enquiry.

The majority only follow up once or twice.

What I’ve learnt is that it takes seven, nine, 12, sometimes 26 communications for most people to make a final decision to purchase anyone’s product or service.”

5. Enjoy a Level Playing Field

Perhaps one of the most prized features of expos and trade shows is that these events offer a level playing field where even the smallest of brands can compete alongside established players.

No matter what size your business or budget, you’ll find that the right combination of energy, ingenuity and creativity, is what will make your brand stand out from the masses and draw the right prospects to you.

6. Leverage Your Marketing Results

Trade shows and events have the potential to leverage your marketing efforts considerably.

Exhibitors are brilliant for reinforcing business relationships, sharing knowledge, forging strategic alliances and advancing the deal-making process.

Finally, where else do you get to meet significant numbers of your ideal customers in one place?


We’d love you to be our next big exhibition success story!

If you’re planning on exhibiting at an upcoming trade show, contact us today for your FREE exhibition stand design visuals and see how amazing your business could look! Do also check out how our Free Hire Option could work for your business. 


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