Prestige Benefits in 60 seconds
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Looking for the best modular exhibition stand solution? 

Do you want a custom-designed look, but with all the benefits of a contemporary modular and scalable exhibition stand system?

The Prestige Events System uses ingenious, snap-up modular frames, to quickly and easily form beautiful combinations of curved or flat, graphic walls.

You can incorporate within this graphic walling brightly-lit product showcases, high-level branding and 'floating-effect' digital flat-screen TV displays.

All of your Prestige stands modular elements can be reconfigured to fit different stand space at different future shows, allowing you to reuse your exhibition stand again and again.

And you also benefit from our free exhibition stand reconfiguring service to help you get maximum reusability and value from your Prestige stand.

You also have various flexible investment options with our Freedom2Exhibit Plan, including freedom hire & pro-installation or buy & self-build.

For an illustration of how easy and modular Prestige stands are, please see our movie 'world's best modular stand'.  

If you would like to see some free personalised design visuals and quotation, please call 0044 (0)1202 723 500 or drop me a line on designteam@quadrant2design.com

Thanks for your time and I hope we can talk soon about your next exhibition project!

Chloe Anderton

Design Director
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