Quick & Safe Builds
How Prestige Works

Safer Exhibition Stands that are CDM/CHAS compliant

The new CDM regulations that have recently been forced upon the exhibition industry, have imposed a legal responsibility upon the exhibiting company (you) to choose a safe and compliant contractor.

So it's very important that your exhibition contractor is fully CDM aware and compliant!

At Quadrant2Design, we fully comply with all the CDM regulations.

Prestige exhibition stands are simple and safe to build, requiring no potentially dangerous power tools.

Structures are light in weight, yet structurally strong.

This means that stands are easy and safe to set up with little risk involved.

Why is Prestige so safe to build?

  • No power tools are required to build Prestige stands.
  • You're dealing with easily handled, lightweight structures.
  • No special access equipment is required.
  • Prestige is ‘clean-process’ with no sawdust, fumes, paint, glues or laminates involved.
  • Prestige stands are light in weight, reducing manual handling risk.
  • Prestige exhibition stands offer an amazing combination of lightness, stability and safety.


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