Why does 'reusable' makes sense?
Pre-Build of El Diablo modular stand

Custom designed exhibition stands that are modular and reusable

Exhibition stands that look fantastic, and can be easily reconfigured and reused in any space over an entire events calandar

Hi, my name is Chloe and I’m the Design Director at Quadrant2Design.

I’ve been with the company over 7-years and in that time I’ve worked with hundreds of our valued clients, developing modular design concepts for their exhibiting programme.

We only work with our exclusive, Swiss-designed, Prestige Events System; which is simply the finest available modular exhibition stand solution.

Prestige allows us to create bespoke exhibition stands, that are also modular and reusable.

And unlike other modular solutions our stands are 100% custom designed with beautiful flowing graphics, brightly illuminated product displays and integrated audio-visual presentation.

Prestige stands: custom designed but modular and reusable

A genuinely modular exhibition system solution allows the client to reconfigure exhibition stand hardware and graphics to fit differently sized stand space.

This means that the exhibitors investment in the modular stand, can be spread across numbers of future shows, saving money over the medium to long term.

In the case of our Prestige Events System, exhibitors can reconfigure from small shell-scheme space, up to medium and large space-only sites with ease.

This is in contrast to older-type ‘custom-built’ exhibition stands that are built using traditional materials. These constructions are difficult and expensive to reconfigure (if not impssible).


It follows of course, that if an exhibition stand is modular and can be reconfigured for different space, that it’s reusable across numbers of events.

Not only does this save money, it allows exhibitors to convey a consistent corporate identity over all their events – very important for clients with strong brand guidelines.

When you also consider that Prestige stands are quick and intuitive to self-build (without tools or specialist knowledge) you begin to see how easily reusable our exhibition stands are.

Storage & Transport

Most modular solutions pack down into easily stored and conveniently sized packing cases and drums – making storage and transport easier and less costly.

This is especially true of Prestige stands, due to the expanding frame technology and flexible graphics, making stands exceptionally compact for storage and light for transport.

This means less storage space and smaller, lighter transport - saving money and being more kind to the environment.

Cost Benefits of Modular

Premier-quality modular exhibition stand solutions like Prestige, are not necessarily less money for your first project (although they can be, and often are)

The real ‘money-saving’ kicks in on your 2nd, 3rd and subsequent projects, where you’re reconfiguring your stand, and reusing your hardware and graphics again and again.

So it’s best not to think of Prestige as a ‘cheap’ solution, but rather as an exhibiting solution that can significantly reduce cost over the medium to long term.

Flexible Pricing Options

At Quadrant2Design, we have developed a unique pricing structure that really makes the most of the flexible nature of our Prestige Events System.

With our various plans, exhibitors are offered options that include our unique Freedom Hire, Standard Hire or Self-Build options – designed to allow them to Mix n’ Match for maximum value over different events and circumstances.

Whatever option you choose, you're assigned an individual Project Manager who manages your entire project, coordinating design and production, logistics, health and safety and administration.

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Design Consultant
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